I’ve got an announcement to make! I’m going to start trying to Tweet on a regular basis…maybe not every day…but pretty regularly. Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you when I’m watching The Walking Dead or going to the grocery store. My Tweets are going to be simple recommendations. Things I think will keep you out of the doctor’s office and will help you stay active and leading a healthy life. Most of the time I’ll probably base them on something I’ve seen that day in the office or in the operating room! Whenever I am seeing patients, I often find myself thinking…”I sure hope that doesn’t happen to me!” ┬áThis sometimes leads to a second thought…”How can I keep this from happening to me or a member of my family?” It can be as simple as getting a rubber jar opener to prevent excessive wear and tear on wrists and fingers, to as complicated as trying to switch to a plant based diet! So the next thing I think is…”How can I keep this from happening to EVERYONE?” Ergo…my Tweets. My Twitter page is Barbara Bergin.┬áPlease become a follower. I promise you will reap the benefits…even if you don’t do everything I recommend.

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