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Love the Batwings!

Read what I had to say about those unsightly bat wings on 1010 Park Place. So many of my gals (female patients) are trying SO HARD to get rid of them…and getting hurt in the process. Stop the madness!

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Fall Prevention: Part 2

Start getting in the habit of doing single leg standing exercises. I can tell you I’m not going to take 5 minutes out of my busy to stand on one leg. But being the multi-tasker that I am, I will do single leg standing exercises when I’m…waiting for the microwave to boil water, waiting for […]

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Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 4

It’s hard to explain, but the position of your whole femur probably has something to do with the way your knee cap moves. So this exercise will strengthen the muscles which turn your hip outwards. They’re call the hip external rotators, and you should strengthen them almost every day too. This is a simple exercise. […]

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Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 3

Strengthening the Muscles Which Control Your Knee Cap I do want you to strengthen the muscle that helps control the movement of your knee cap. It’s a simple exercise: the straight leg raise (with a twist). I do it almost every day. This exercise strengthens the muscle which controls the position of your knee cap. […]

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Hip Bursitis III

  Sorry for the delay. Hope your hips were getting better with activity modifications alone. Now for the rest of the story… 1)      Once greater trochanteric bursitis is in full bloom, you might need to add some anti-inflammatories to the equation. If you’re working on this on your own, then over-the-counter (OTC) non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) […]

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More on Plantar Fascitis

Let me say first off, that if you’re not the kind of person who would floss their teeth to prevent tooth decay, you probably won’t be interested in this or most of what I have to tell you. Why is the morning a time when we often experience pain and stiffness? Think about it. Name […]

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