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Last week I saw two pinky toe fractures (attached to patients of course). I estimate that I see at least one broken or dislocated pinky toe a month, sometimes more. If I multiply that by 12, and then again by the 34 years I’ve been practicing, that’s over 400 pinky toe injuries. Then keep doing more […]

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Check out my KVUE interview….High Heels Cause Bodily Stress

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Be Kind to…Your Feet Part 2

Okay, starting from square one again:  1)     Don’t walk around your house in the middle of the night. But if you have to, then wear shoes. Keep a nice pair of slippers (with a back…no slip-on slippers) at the bedside. This tip is multi-beneficial. 2)      I know this one is going to fall on deaf […]

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Be Kind to…Your Feet!

  I was going to take the “Be Kind” series from the tips of the fingers down to the tips of the toes but I changed my mind. I’m going to go where my patients tell me to go and this week they told me to go to ground. Ground Zero of the human body […]

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More on Plantar Fascitis

Let me say first off, that if you’re not the kind of person who would floss their teeth to prevent tooth decay, you probably won’t be interested in this or most of what I have to tell you. Why is the morning a time when we often experience pain and stiffness? Think about it. Name […]

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Plantar Fascitis

Enough of the caveman thing for a little while. I’ll incorporate it into future discussions. I’ve got to get on with some of the things I can tell you to help you with your bodies. The Things I Want to Tell the World! Not all of the things I want to tell the world are […]

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