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Nana & Popop are Coming

            Nana & Popop are Coming  

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1010 Park Place

  I’m so excited and honored to have been asked to be a guest writer for the very cool and highly followed blog: 1010 Park Place! About once a week I will produce a pithy, short blog regarding something on which I am an expert. As a valued follower, you know I’ve been wanting to […]

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  I have been meaning to write about this for over a year because I’ve been giving this advice on the phone, in the office and over the Internet, so it’s just time to put it down on paper. And someone on Facebook just messaged me about a treatment for cramps, so it’s time. First […]

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We Change After 40!

Ugh! It’s a forgone conclusion, and there’s not much you can do about it. We change after 40, and even more so after 50! Most of the changes are predetermined by your genes, and there’s little you can do to change that. Thank you mom and dad. But some of the changes are influenced by […]

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  Just in case you are thinking about downsizing, read what some experts (self included) had to say on this matter. Of course there’s an orthopedic angle. 8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Retire to a Tiny House  

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Book Contract for Sit Like A Man!

Exciting news! I just inked a deal with my publisher, Sunstone Press (Santa Fe, New Mexico) for Sit Like A Man, the first in my “Act Like a Caveman series.” I’m going all out on this concept. I’m going to help women learn how to use my Sit Like A Man (S.L.A.M.) concept to prevent […]

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