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I’ve been promising to put this blog on my site for a long time. If you’ve read some of my responses to blog comments in the past several months, you would have read references to my Sit Like A Man (S.L.A.M.) program. Now S.L.A.M. is not a feminist movement. It’s not a how-to formula for […]

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Hip Bursitis III

  Sorry for the delay. Hope your hips were getting better with activity modifications alone. Now for the rest of the story… 1)      Once greater trochanteric bursitis is in full bloom, you might need to add some anti-inflammatories to the equation. If you’re working on this on your own, then over-the-counter (OTC) non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) […]

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Hip Bursitis II

2)      Whether or not you can figure out the source of the problem is irrelevant once it’s dug in. Now you have to figure out how to keep it from hurting and you have to look at this situation like it’s a cut on your finger tip. You won’t get it well if you keep […]

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Hip Bursitis I

This condition is really irritating. I swear I see about 4 patients a day with it; either as a primary diagnosis or it’s just something they mention that they have at the end of the visit. I’ve had it in the past and I have it right now. Many women are going to get it. […]

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