Fall Prevention: Part 3

Pick up after yourself and make others pick up too. Don’t leave random shoes, purses, boxes, etc., lying around the house on the floor. If you find them with your foot before you find them with your eyes, you’re going down. Unless that is, you’ve been doing your single leg standing and are quickly able to fight gravity and catch yourself before breaking your wrist…or something worse.

Don’t take your stairs for granted. I can’t tell you how often I see patients for injuries they sustained because they thought they were at the end of their staircase and stumbled down the last step. First of all, just put your hand on the bannister any time you’re on a stair case. Better yet, just hold on to that bannister. It doesn’t have to be a death grip. Just hold on. Secondly, turn the lights on when you go up or down stairs at night. Nighttime is usually when people miss that last step. But they also miss it when they’re carrying a bunch of bulky stuff down the stairs and the stuff just blocks their vision. Hello one more step!

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  1. Rattlesnake August 6, 2012 at 2:10 am #

    since you first told me about leaving stuff around and keeping the night path clear- i am so aware of it and I thank you for taking to time to write all this valueable information.
    what you said about balance practice is so true – when I took the worst fall of my life -just a full body, facedown splat – but had just returned from 6 months yoga in India – I caught my self in a perfect yoga position, it just came natural, had no time to think about it of couse as i went down in the blink of an eye – saved my face but my knees and all my fingers right up to my hands was really back and blue – I would have surely had terrible face, nose and teeth injuries if I had not been in fairly good balance.

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