Fall Prevention: Part 4

If you have rugs in your house, make sure they stay in place. You can get special tape to secure the corners. Make sure you have rubber mats under the rugs so they don’t slip.

Train your pets! Pets cause about 87,000 falls a year which result in emergency room visits. So that number doesn’t include the injuries which don’t require ER treatment! Teach your pets to stay out from under foot! People with small pets are often guilty of too much tolerance when it comes to pets who get under foot. Your little tea cup Chihuahua is just as likely to cause you to fall as a Labrador retriever. Large, poorly trained dogs are likely to yank you off your feet when you’re walking them and they go, “squirrel?” And no matter what size, when you don’t train your dog to heal, they often run circles around your legs, causing you to get tripped up by a loop of leash. But not to give all the blame to dogs; sweet little kitties rubbing up against your leg can result in a fall when you try to keep from stepping on them. I wouldn’t know how to teach a cat not to do that, but just be very aware of their presence as you move away from the refrigerator. 


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