Feather Your Nest; Part 2

It’s about pillows, because pillows complete the sleeping environment and frankly you can’t have too many. We’re blessed to live in the times of Bed, Bath and Beyond and Linens and Things. Before that you could never go to one store and see all the different kinds of pillows, and have the ability to feel  and chose from a hundred different standard pillows; feather, imitation feather, foam, hypo-allergenic, soft, softer, medium and firm. This is a wonderful thing!

It is only through pillows that you can make that bed seem more like something your body fits into. My husband and I have about seven or eight pillows on our bed. Usually a couple end up falling on the floor sometime during the night, but we start out with a bunch. We have three specialty pillows which we use if there’s something wrong with us, like a sore knee or a crick in the neck, or a muscle spasm in the back. I also have a book pillow so I can prop a book or my Kindle on it, thereby allowing hands-free reading so my carpal tunnel doesn’t flare up. We have a small investment in pillows.

I use the basic pillows; one firm feather pillow and two soft ones to prop my shoulders and cushion my neck. Once ready to snuggle in, I simply pack them in around my shoulders and neck so that I’m supported in as close to a natural anatomic position as I can possibly get. I make sure my face is free and my neck isn’t crimped up in any way. I make sure nothing is getting numb.

If my bum knee is giving me grief, I rob the firm pillow from up top and put it between my knees, or I get out one of the specialty pillows. Like the long body pillow. And if my husband is using that one, then I get out the super-specialty pillow; the one that’s shaped like a fat candy cane. I love the bedding stores. They have all those pillows and even have pillow cases for them!

If your feet swell, get a bunch of those big square “European” pillows and put them under your calves.

If your fourth and fifth fingers get numb when you fold your elbows up under you, get a couple of soft feather-like pillows. Wrap them around your arms and elbows to cushion the little place on the inside of your elbow where you get the “funny bone” sensation. That’s where the ulnar nerve gets pressed and stretched.

If you have chronic problems with your neck, in addition to the very moldable feather pillows, try a little u-shaped pillow, like the travel pillows you can buy at the airport. You can use them as well, but the real pillows are nice, again because you can buy little U pillow cases to go with them. They’re so cute!

I think the Tempurpedic neck pillow is nice too, but they are a little more formed and don’t work for everyone. Many stores have one you can try and you should take advantage of that. Go there and snuggle up with it for fifteen minutes. Your neck is worth that effort.

Keep following for more pillow talk in a few days…

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