Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 3

Strengthening the Muscles Which Control Your Knee Cap

I do want you to strengthen the muscle that helps control the movement of your knee cap. It’s a simple exercise: the straight leg raise (with a twist). I do it almost every day. This exercise strengthens the muscle which controls the position of your knee cap.

Lie down on your bed. Don’t get on the floor because then you’d have to do a squat to get up and down! If you’re exercising your left leg you will bend your right leg in order to take some of the stress off your back (like in the picture). Then turn your left foot to the eleven o’clock position. That way your whole leg will be turned slightly outward. Now raise the leg up off the bed about a foot and hold it there for a count. Then slowly bring it back down. When you’re exercising the right leg you will turn it to 1:00.

Do this 10 times on each leg and do at least 30 of them EVERY DAY! You really can’t do too many of these. You can add ankle weights or heavy shoes to make this more difficult. You can do seated straight leg raises, which will also increase the degree of difficulty a little. You can also try this in a standing position with rubber tubing for resistance.

Next time I’ll tell you another exercise.

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2 Responses to Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 3

  1. Lisa April 23, 2016 at 10:36 pm #

    Is it normal to have front of hip/upper leg day after doing this? I don’t really feel it working my quads.

    • Barbara April 24, 2016 at 6:41 pm #

      Your quads do comprise the majority of muscles in the front of your thigh. If you’re doing them correctly, as in the picture, you should be feeling it down the front of your thigh, almost to the knee. You don’t need to raise the leg much more than about a foot off the bed or floor. And make sure your leg is rotated outward just slightly (11:00 on the left and 1:00 on the right). I don’t know about feeling it in front of your hip. It depends on your definition of hip. The actual hip joint is in the area most people refer to as the groin. But a lot of people refer to their hip as that large bone on the outside of the thigh. Orthopods call that your greater trochanter. I wouldn’t think you should have pain out there with straight leg raises. This exercise is pretty benign and shouldn’t hurt you, so soreness might be normal and an expected discomfort associated with working out an area which has not been exercised much before. If it hurts too much, then I would say back off. That’s the only problem with giving medical advice on the internet. I can’t see what you’re doing. But if it’s too painful, just stop. See your primary care doc or your orthopedic surgeon if it persists. Sorry you’re having problems with it.

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