Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 3

Strengthening the Muscles Which Control Your Knee Cap I do want you to strengthen the muscle that helps control the movement of your knee cap. It’s a simple exercise: the straight leg raise (with a twist). I do it almost every day. This exercise strengthens the muscle which controls the position of your knee cap. […]

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I’ve got an announcement to make! I’m going to start trying to Tweet on a regular basis…maybe not every day…but pretty regularly. Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you when I’m watching The Walking Dead or going to the grocery store. My Tweets are going to be simple recommendations. Things I think will keep […]

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Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 2

Okay, so you might be getting tired of me telling you to change the way you’re doing things, but I’m going to tell you to change the way you’re doing things that hurt you. If you come to see me for a cut on your finger, you’re not going to question me when I tell […]

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Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 1

              I feel compelled to write about knee cap pain again. Many of you have already read my earlier blog on this subject; “Do Not Do Squats.”  Today I saw 6 women in my office with knee cap pain and crunching. All but one had been participating in […]

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Tennis Elbow; Part 4

                  For the moment let’s assume that you’ve got lateral epicondylitis/tennis elbow and not cancer on the outside of your elbow. I’m always a little nervous about giving medical advice to people I can’t see or touch. I would hate to tell you to put a tennis […]

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Tennis Elbow; Part 3

If you catch tennis elbow at an early stage (preferably day one) and you stop doing the offending activity, or at least modify it to the best of your ability, you will get better and you probably won’t have to come see the likes of me. But most of you will not do this. I’m […]

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