Dr. NO…part 3

When possible try to get yourself into a less physical job description as you age. It’s rare to make it to retirement doing an extremely physical job like carpentry, welding and stocking shelves. Do you know people who do? Sure. But I know more who can’t. Have a plan. Start working toward that plan when […]

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Dr. NO…part 2

I completely understand why you want to keep doing the things that cause you pain and injury. But I’m still going to say “no” if I think it’s harmful to you. It’s not a law and you’re not going to get arrested. I’m not going to charge you more money and your insurance company is […]

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Dr. NO…part 1

I often refer to myself as Dr. No or the Doctor of No, because I find myself telling patients more of what they can’t do than what they can do. It doesn’t feel good to do it, and other than dictating charts and dealing with electronic medical records, it’s one of the most unrewarding things I have […]

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Feather Your Nest; Part 3

Travelling can be a problem. I have found that some hotels, like Hampton Inns have four pillows; two are usually soft and two are more firm. That’s really nice. Otherwise I will actually take a couple of feather pillows with me. If you put them in a plastic garbage bag, hold the opening closed with […]

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Feather Your Nest; Part 2

It’s about pillows, because pillows complete the sleeping environment and frankly you can’t have too many. We’re blessed to live in the times of Bed, Bath and Beyond and Linens and Things. Before that you could never go to one store and see all the different kinds of pillows, and have the ability to feel  […]

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Feather Your Nest; Part 1

Get creative in the bedroom… Invest in some feather pillows and a good mattress. There are a lot of ways pillows can make your life better, and it’s not just in the bedroom. But since that’s where we use them the most, let’s start there. But we won’t stop there. I like to look at […]

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