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FALL PREVENTION – New Post On 1010ParkPlace.com

“Any woman over the age of 40 who falls from the height of her own body–in other words, doesn’t get bucked from a horse or fall off a ladder–and suffers a wrist, shoulder or hip fracture, has a fragility fracture until proven otherwise.” Check out my original post on 1010ParkPlace to find out how to prevent […]

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Fall Prevention: Part 5

                Watch your step! Your response to this might be, “duh.” But I would then reply that I see a huge number of patients who simply trip on things; stuff lying around on the floor, curbs, parking lot barriers and speed bumps, uneven places on the sidewalk. Make […]

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Fall Prevention: Part 4

If you have rugs in your house, make sure they stay in place. You can get special tape to secure the corners. Make sure you have rubber mats under the rugs so they don’t slip. Train your pets! Pets cause about 87,000 falls a year which result in emergency room visits. So that number doesn’t […]

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Fall Prevention: Part 3

Pick up after yourself and make others pick up too. Don’t leave random shoes, purses, boxes, etc., lying around the house on the floor. If you find them with your foot before you find them with your eyes, you’re going down. Unless that is, you’ve been doing your single leg standing and are quickly able […]

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Fall Prevention: Part 2

Start getting in the habit of doing single leg standing exercises. I can tell you I’m not going to take 5 minutes out of my busy to stand on one leg. But being the multi-tasker that I am, I will do single leg standing exercises when I’m…waiting for the microwave to boil water, waiting for […]

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Fall Prevention: Part 1

You have to stay off the ground after 60. I’m not quite there, but I’ve been working on staying clear of the ground for years. I’m really focusing on falling down to the ground in this blog. That’s a fast and dangerous way to get down there and you’re all doing it way to often! […]

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