What Would a Caveman Do? Part 3

Here’s another great example of how the evolutionary process got cut short in humans. Let’s take birthing babies. As you know, many babies have to be delivered by forceps or by C-section. Why is that? Well  one reason could be that the pelvic outlet isn’t big enough to allow the safe passage of a baby. Really, that’s the main reason and I’m not going to go into all the other reasons because they are secondary. Secondary to things like our life styles. But let’s just focus on a pelvis that is too small to allow the passage of a baby. Again go back to our cavewoman. If she was delivering a baby that wouldn’t pass, she and her baby would have died. The only women who would have survived childbirth along with their babies were those who had large pelvic outlets. They would have passed on their genes and their daughters and granddaughters would have survived as well. And if that process had continued for another century or two or ten, eventually child birthing would have been something more like horse or cow birthing; something that would  happen without incident and without assistance 99.9% of the time. But somewhere along the way we got smart. We figured out how to stick things up in there to pull the babies out. Then we learned how to take them out with a knife. And frankly, I’m glad we did. But now the world has a population of women with small pelvises who can’t deliver babies without a knife and anesthesia. It’s okay, because we have that technology. But you see how the process works in a very simple, direct effect scenario.
Whew! I had to get that out. I really want you to understand this concept because it is essential to understanding the way we are and why we have pain and disease. Hope you followed me and hope you see the correlation to human knee ligaments…and for a lot of things for that matter; like hypertension, diabetes, and a funny shape to the bones of our shoulders which predisposes us to having problems with our rotator cuffs (I’ll talk about that later).
But next time I’ll start talking about just how the evolution of our bodies effects the aging process and how that in turn results in pain and disability.
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