Fall Prevention: Part 1

You have to stay off the ground after 60. I’m not quite there, but I’ve been working on staying clear of the ground for years. I’m really focusing on falling down to the ground in this blog. That’s a fast and dangerous way to get down there and you’re all doing it way to often! […]

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Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 6

I started having patellar pain, along with crunching and grinding under my knee caps when I was in my early thirties. I was running stairs in between cases in the operating room because sometimes it took an hour for the next case to start. Having had the advantage of my training, I knew immediately what […]

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Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 5

Sometimes I will recommend that you temporarily wear a brace which helps align and support your knee cap. I may ask you to use this for a month or so while you start the exercises and activity modifications. Wear the brace during the day. Don’t wear it to bed. Keep the brace even after your […]

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Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 4

It’s hard to explain, but the position of your whole femur probably has something to do with the way your knee cap moves. So this exercise will strengthen the muscles which turn your hip outwards. They’re call the hip external rotators, and you should strengthen them almost every day too. This is a simple exercise. […]

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Knee Cap Pain and Crunching; Part 3

Strengthening the Muscles Which Control Your Knee Cap I do want you to strengthen the muscle that helps control the movement of your knee cap. It’s a simple exercise: the straight leg raise (with a twist). I do it almost every day. This exercise strengthens the muscle which controls the position of your knee cap. […]

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I’ve got an announcement to make! I’m going to start trying to Tweet on a regular basis…maybe not every day…but pretty regularly. Don’t worry. I’m not going to tell you when I’m watching The Walking Dead or going to the grocery store. My Tweets are going to be simple recommendations. Things I think will keep […]

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