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It’s time to hang lights and decorate Christmas trees, and it’s also a time when orthopedic surgeons get busy with ladder-climbing injuries! It never fails. I’ve always said that what [ … ]

Dr. Barbara Bergin

I’m Barbara Bergin, an orthopedic surgeon from Austin, Texas. I’m not originally from these parts though. I was born in the Bronx! That surprises everyone who knows me because I have a pretty thick Texas accent, which I developed sometime after becoming a cowgirl. It’s the horses. But the New York accent got tempered a little during the time I spent in Kansas City too. As all of us who were not born in Texas say…”I got here as fast as I could.”
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Dr. Bergin's Posts On 1010 Park Place

Dr. Bergin is a regular contributor to another great blog - 1010 Park Place.  Below you'll find a few selected posts that Dr. Bergin wrote.


  “I’m late! I’m late! To a very important date!  This common denominator is often responsible for falls and injuries.   http://www.1010parkplace.com/fall-prevention-slow/  

TAIL BONE PAIN | 1010 Park Place

  “I have become the tail bone pain (coccydynia) expert of Central Texas. Recently I saw someone with coccydynia, from…” TAIL BONE PAIN | 1010 Park Place


“The high heel is a no-brainer. It takes our forefoot and crams it down into the narrow portion of the shoe.” Check out my latest 1010 Park Place post. I [ … ]

SUMMER SHOE DANGERS – New post on 1010ParkPlace

“You know I wouldn’t be talking to you about this if it wasn’t hazardous to your health…” Check out my post on http://www.1010parkplace.com/summer-shoe-dangers/ to find out how you can prevent some [ … ]

Important Concepts

Over the years, Dr. Bergin has written about some important concepts to understand about the human body.

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