I’m Barbara Bergin, an orthopedic surgeon from Austin, Texas. I’m not originally from these parts though. I was born in the Bronx! That surprises everyone who knows me because I have a pretty thick Texas accent, which I developed sometime after becoming a cowgirl. It’s the horses. But the New York accent got tempered a little during the time I spent in Kansas City too. As all of us who were not born in Texas say…”I got here as fast as I could.” My parents moved to Houston when I was in high school.

It took a little longer to get to Austin. I moved here with my husband and my daughter in 1986. I did my residency with a couple of guys who were moving to Austin come hell or high water, both having been die hard Longhorns. My parents had moved to Austin while I was off doing 13 years of college, medical school and residency. Being a momma’s girl, I wanted to be where my folks were and so we took the opportunity to come to Austin.

Texas Orthopedics, Sports and Rehabilitation Associates was born. And my second child was born too. Both of my kids are now die hard Longhorns and I would have never predicted that, having gone to Texas Tech University for my undergraduate, medical school and residency training. It always amazes me that I didn’t end up living in Lubbock, Texas. I do love that place.

But Austin is the best place to live, practice medicine and raise kids. It’s a pretty good place to ride horses and write books too. I’m glad I got here as fast as I could.