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I just did a guest blog post for one of my lady orthopedic colleagues from Portland, Oregon, Nancy Yen Shipley, MD. Some of you have seen my posts on the dangers of navigating stairs. You can’t be reminded enough times. I just submitted a request to make August 6 National Respect the Stairs Day! NO MORE STAIRWAY INJURIES!!


  1. Bridgette Beinecke

    Barbara, I went to your colleagues site but could not read your guest blog. I came back to your site and could not open it from your site.
    What should I do to read it.

    1. Barbara

      Sorry you’re having trouble Bridgette! But I just went to my blog, and then used the link to Dr. Shipley’s blog, and found my part. You’ll have to scroll through my bio and my picture. Then it goes straight into my post, so it does have its own link. You have click on the little button that says Read More, and there it will be. I had a tad of trouble figuring it out too! Thanks for reading my blog!

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