InjuryRespect Series


And don’t put them on one leg at a time. That way no one can ever say you do!

Why do I have a RESPECT blog on this? Because my patients are always busting their butts trying to put their pants on while standing up! Breaking your hip by unceremoniously tumping yourself over, left foot stuck in your pants leg, and right big toe caught on the fly, is degrading. It’s not a good story. Better you should be bucked off a horse!

From now on just sit down.


  1. G Butler

    Ug… I had a client do just that! She fell, broke her hip, and through a clot. I started noticing the Matriarch and next in age in my family, doing the same I cautioned them. 70 pus years of old habits are impossible to break w/those w/dementia. I hate falls, they are nightmares. Searching back in memory of how that habit got started, became the way of putting on pants, would be an interesting study. Yet, I believe we sit to put on hose, panty hose and socks, shoes!

    1. Barbara

      Read all of my RESPECT posts to see several simple things to do or not to do to prevent injuries we see a lot. The amount of injury, for example, which occurs as a result of falling down stairs, in phenomenal. Just hold on to the handrail anytime you’re going up or down stairs!

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