A Common Complaint Part 1

A Common Complaint Part 1

  I often recall my old days in medical school anatomy class when my patients ...


Last week I saw two pinky toe fractures (attached to patients of course). I estimate that I see at least one broken or dislocated pinky toe a month, sometimes more. If I multiply that by 12, and then again by the 34 years I’ve been practicing, that’s over 400 pinky toe injuries. Then keep doing more […]

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Fall precautions are dear to my heart because I see so many injuries due to falls. We need to stay off the ground. When we go to ground we often get hurt. You can read my blog on Fall Prevention to get some general ideas on ways to prevent falling down. http://drbarbarabergin.com/fall-prevention/ Suffice it to […]

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This is a danger zone, kind of like the sidelines at an NFL football game. You have to keep your eyes open at all times. You have to position yourself so as not to get injured. As in a football game, most of the sideline spectators don’t get hurt. But every game will take its […]

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I’m sure I’m not going to get anywhere with this one. But look, I have to try. Purses are bad for your health. You never know which one of you is walking around with an upper quadrant liability such as cervical radiculopathy, myofascitis, bursitis, tennis elbow, deQuervain’s syndrome or the lowly carpal tunnel syndrome. But […]

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Sorry to those of you who have been waiting.  So I’m jumping right back in with my RESPECT series. And just a reminder, the purpose of this series is to remind my followers and patients of the many destructive forces out there which can result in the slow […]

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How to Save on Medical Expenses

Check out what I had to say in this article. There are some good tips here. My blog is all about helping you to help yourself. Bottom line is, if you stay out of the doctor’s office and off the operating room table, you save! Surviving Your High-Deductible Health Plan

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