Just in case you are thinking about downsizing, read what some experts (self included) had to say on this matter. Of course there’s an orthopedic angle. 8 Reasons You Shouldn’t Retire to a Tiny House  

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On Being Mindful

On Being Mindful

Check out my interview on I promise this concept will help you someday! Why One Orthopedic Surgeon Is Prescribing Meditation Over Medication Recently, the Food and Drug Administration announced that it was requiring new warning labels for certain types of opioid painkillers. According to this New York Times report, “Drug overdoses now kill more people […]

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And don’t put them on one leg at a time. That way no one can ever say you do! Why do I have a RESPECT blog on this? Because my patients are always busting their butts trying to put their pants on while standing up! Breaking your hip by unceremoniously tumping yourself over, left foot […]

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Book Contract for Sit Like A Man!

Exciting news! I just inked a deal with my publisher, Sunstone Press (Santa Fe, New Mexico) for Sit Like A Man, the first in my “Act Like a Caveman series.” I’m going all out on this concept. I’m going to help women learn how to use my Sit Like A Man (S.L.A.M.) concept to prevent […]

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As Austin continues to grow, it seems there are more and more traffic jams. Traffic jams at odd hours: 5:45AM on a weekday, 2:00PM on a Saturday afternoon. Now I have to plan for the all too frequent bottlenecks. No longer can I time my departure for work, planning on a precise arrival. I have to […]

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I’ve been promising to put this blog on my site for a long time. If you’ve read some of my responses to blog comments in the past several months, you would have read references to my Sit Like A Man (S.L.A.M.) program. Now S.L.A.M. is not a feminist movement. It’s not a how-to formula for […]

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