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Book Contract for Sit Like A Man!

Exciting news! I just inked a deal with my publisher, Sunstone Press (Santa Fe, New Mexico) for Sit Like A Man, the first in my “Act Like a Caveman series.” I’m going all out on this concept. I’m going to help women learn how to use my Sit Like A Man (S.L.A.M.) concept to prevent […]

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I’ve been promising to put this blog on my site for a long time. If you’ve read some of my responses to blog comments in the past several months, you would have read references to my Sit Like A Man (S.L.A.M.) program. Now S.L.A.M. is not a feminist movement. It’s not a how-to formula for […]

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Kids and Pills; Part 2

And now we can have a conversation about keeping kids away from drugs, both legal and illegal. Because I think that one of the factors which might eventually lead a child to consider taking street drugs is simply a comfort with taking drugs. Of course it’s not the only thing, but it might be a […]

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Kids and Pills; Part 1

Before I say anything about kids and pills, I have to preface it by saying that for adults and pills, whatever I say goes double. But first a few definitions. Ninety-five percent of the pills I prescribe fall into two categories; anti-inflammatories and pain relievers. Anti-inflammatories fall into two categories; steroids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs). […]

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Dr. NO…part 3

When possible try to get yourself into a less physical job description as you age. It’s rare to make it to retirement doing an extremely physical job like carpentry, welding and stocking shelves. Do you know people who do? Sure. But I know more who can’t. Have a plan. Start working toward that plan when […]

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Dr. NO…part 2

I completely understand why you want to keep doing the things that cause you pain and injury. But I’m still going to say “no” if I think it’s harmful to you. It’s not a law and you’re not going to get arrested. I’m not going to charge you more money and your insurance company is […]

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