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36 Bottles of…Water

As any of you who have followed my blog will know, I often post regarding conditions I see frequently, especially if they come in threes. Last week I saw three patients who injured themselves lifting those humongous shrink-wrapped-36-bottle packages of water. If you haven’t tried to pick one up, don’t try. But if you drink bottled water, you most certainly have tried to wrangle one, because IT’S CHEAPER! But at what cost? I wonder how many rotator cuffs and biceps tendons have been torn over the years as a result of the marvelous idea of packing 36 bottles (or more) into one package. How many wrist and finger strains? I’ve seen shin and foot injuries. The holes in the plastic wrap don’t hold up, and it gives out about halfway to the garage door, so one arm is often left holding the awkward weight. But doc…leg and foot injuries? Yes! When one side gives way, the whole thing comes crashing down against the shin or lands on the feet. Back strains too.

And guys…really? You let your 72-year-old wife go get them? Come on. I’m strong as an ox, and twice as smart. As an experiment, I attempted to pull one off the shelf, just to see what all these injuries were about. Of course, they’re on the bottom shelf. I got it about halfway off the shelf. Forget it.

Bottom line. Say NO to 36-bottle packages of bottled water.

And for that matter, say no 24-bottle packages…or any bottled water! We live in a country with clean water! Get a filter! Bottle your own water. It’s easier on your body, your pocketbook…and the planet.


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