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For good reason, most orthopedic surgeons don’t want to see tail bone pain. If you live anywhere in central Texas, and you have tail bone pain, you might as well look up my phone number and make an appointment to see me. If you live anywhere else, read this post and follow my instructions!

This is because there is very little we can do for this problem, except advise you to do the following:

  • Sit on a coccyx relief cushion 100% of the time. Buy 3 of these pillows, or take it everywhere you go. If you’re sitting, you need to be on a coccyx relief pillow.
  • Sitting straight up…like a proper lady. I remember my grandmother used to sit like that all the time, but nowadays, we rarely ever sit like that. We like to slump. It’s only when you sit straight up, that the pressure of sitting is placed on your ischial tuberosities (sit bones) and not on your coccyx. When you sit in a slumped position, all the pressure is on the tailbone. #1 and #2 are the only treatments that work, so…
  • Start the above program on the very first day you feel tailbone pain. Do not wait for six months like most patients, thinking it will go away on its own.

Then there are anti-inflammatory pills, nerve blocks and a very risky operation, most of which have minimal benefit. The shots can reduce your pain, but if you keep sitting on your tailbone, when the shot wears off…guess what…you still have pain.

None of my colleagues want to see patients with this condition. It takes a long time to get well, and there’s no great endgame. Basically I’m a counselor–because it’s so frustrating for the patient–that they just need someone to work through it with them. And that’s me. The tailbone pain expert of Central Texas.

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