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Physician heal thyself. I often ask myself “Is this something I would do for myself or my mom, or my child?”

I often recommend stiff-soled-over-the-ankle-lace-up-hiking boots. I developed some pain in an arthritic joint in my foot. I knew I would get it someday. The sad, long-term result of bunions and high heels. Sure enough, about 8 months ago, the pain began. I followed my own advice, and went to a camping store, found the stiff-soled, over the ankle hiking boots, and began wearing them every day. Within two days, my pain was gone. But I also noticed how youthful and stable my gait felt. I felt I was walking like a 20-year-old again. WALKING mind you. Not necessarily FEELING or LOOKING twenty again. I’m not attributing any more than my loss of pain and youthful gait to those shoes, mind you.

A few weeks later, my mom developed a stress fracture in her foot. Stiff-soled-over-the-ankle-lace-up-hiking boots to the rescue, with similar results. We’ve both been wearing them ever since.

I recommend this type of shoe for a variety of conditions in the foot and ankle, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Achilles tendonitis
  • plantar fascitis
  • arthritis of the ankle, foot or toes
  • pain in the arch of the foot
  • chronic ankle sprains or instability
  • while recovering from ankle, foot or toe injuries, instead of wearing a cast boot long term
  • stress fractures or stress reactions of the foot
  • various repetitive strain disorders of the foot and ankle

Stiff-soled: When you try to bend the sole, it is stiff, and not flexible like your jogging shoe.

Over-the-ankle: It can be ¾, or just over the ankle if you have a foot problem, but should go higher if it’s an ankle problem. Tighten the laces all the way up.

Hiking boot: Lace-up work, combat or western boot as well.

Many will succumb to vanity. The rest of you…give it a try for any of those conditions. But don’t blame me if your hair keeps turning grey.

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