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Sit Like A Man

Book Contract for Sit Like A Man!

Sunstone Press logo

Exciting news! I just inked a deal with my publisher, Sunstone Press (Santa Fe, New Mexico) for Sit Like A Man, the first in my “Act Like a Caveman series.” I’m going all out on this concept. I’m going to help women learn how to use my Sit Like A Man (S.L.A.M.) concept to prevent and treat common, painful lower extremity conditions, and teach all of us how to live with less pain by getting back to our more primitive nature. I’ll keep you updated.

  1. Virginia Naumann

    This is going to be an exciting journey for all of us to take with you, Dr. Can’t wait to get started on the “cave man” experience.

  2. Angela Mcnelly

    Your past advice has been helpful to our family. I’m glad you’re having success. Congrats!! Keep up your terrific work and most importantly be fulfilled. We wish you the best! Angie. ( : !

  3. Melissa Bonwell

    Sitting in a room waiting to see you and see this!!! Not surprised to hear this, because You Rock!! I’ve known you for over 20 years now with my fractured tailbone, three knee surgeries and now my hip! Will never see any other Orthopedic doctor. Much love & hugs to you Dr. B!!

  4. Elizabeth Medrano

    So happy for you over your book deal! I just saw you yesterday as a new patient, and the SLAM concept is working for me as I train myself to abolish all prim and proper concepts I was taught back in the day. To tell you truth, I think I have already started the SLAM technique without even being aware of it. Thank you for your excellent care and advice. I would love to carry your book in my school library! Best wishes to you for a tremendously successful book adventure!

    1. Barbara

      Thanks for your kind words. And thanks for allowing me to take care of you.
      I’d love for you to carry my book in your library! Now I’ve just got to finish it!!
      Keep on SLAMMING!

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