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How Fast Do Your Kid’s Feet Grow?

I was interviewed regarding how fast our children’s feet grow, especially as it pertains to purchasing shoes. This is important. I remember when I was a kid, we didn’t have a lot of shoes. Relative to the household income of the time, shoes were expensive. I usually got one pair of leather shoes almost a size too big. My mom never bought them for my exact size, and I used them until they wore out or got too small. We wore that one pair of shoes so long, that parents became attached to them, as a keepsake of our childhood. They had them bronzed and made into ashtrays and bookends.

Now we have options. Shoes are relatively cheaper and more accessible. We don’t become so attached to them, because even babies have an assortment of shoe options and we only wear them a very short time, certainly not long enough to develop character worthy of bronzing.

In the US there are few excuses for making kids wear shoes that are way too small. It’s not good for the growing foot, and there’s almost no way to predict how fast your child’s foot is going to grow. Buy shoes that fit. Even big shoes can be a little dangerous.


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