1. Best

    My grandson is 7 years old and my son says he’s now wearing a size 8 1/2 or nine shoes. His feet are growing at an enormous rate. What can be done or why is this happening? His feet don’t look like they belong to him, although he is a big boy. Bigger than most of the kids his age.

    1. Barbara

      I don’t remember how big my son’s feet were at 7, but they were big, and he ended up 6’7″ tall. I have a nephew whose feet were huge at a young age, and he’s a sophomore in high school and is already 6’2″. So big feet can be an indication of tallness to come. They could also just be an indication of big feet. Are there conditions in which a child’s feet are big, indicating some kind of disease process, or hormonal imbalance? I know of none. There are conditions/diseases in which extremities are abnormally larger or longer, but it’s usually one extremity, like a longer leg. And there are conditions in which a child grows too tall, too fast, but big feet wouldn’t necessarily be a sign of that. Obviously, I can’t speak specifically to your grandson. Maybe he’s just going to be a big boy. And maybe he only wears a 7.5 or an 8, and your son is buying the shoe a little big so he can grow into it. I did that when my kids were little, and then I bragged on how big they’re feet were because I really wanted them to be tall. And they are!

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