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I chose this subject next, rather than hips or feet, because as of this moment, the thing that might put you in the ER, is an injury. Even though I’m still seeing folks outside participating in sports and hazardous activities…they are willingly subjecting themselves to danger in every way. I’d rather focus on those of you who might injure yourselves accidentally. So, to get to the meat…ways to prevent injuries during Covid-19. Highlighted words are links to previous posts on www.drbarbarabergin.com.

  • Watch where you’re going!
  • Assess your environment for uneven surfaces and dangerous obstacles.
  • Hold the handrails on stairs. Watch every stair until you reach the bottom.
  • Turn lights on or use flashlights at night when you get up to go to the bathroom.
  • Train pets to stay out from underfoot.
  • Sit down to put your pants on.
  • Put mats on the floor of your shower.
  • Don’t wear socks on slippery floors.
  • Pick up after yourself. Don’t leave things sitting on the floor where they might cause you to trip and fall later on.
  • Slow down!
  • Grab a cart when you go into a grocery store. It slows you down and improves balance.
  • Use walking aids if needed: canes, walkers or hiking sticks. More points of contact with the floor decreases the likelihood of falling. That’s why horses don’t fall down.
  • Sit before you stand up from bed or resting.
  • Do single-leg-standing exercises: I don’t take time out of my busy day to stop and do single-leg standing exercises. I prefer to multi-task and do them when I’m waiting on the microwave or when I’m brushing my teeth. I do them stealth-like when I’m actually standing in a line, or filling my car with gas.
  • Wear supportive shoes, like my favorite stiff-soled-over-the-ankle-lace-up-hiking boots.
  • Don’t use scooters for now. They’re dangerous.
  • Now is not the time to climb ladders.
  • Drive carefully. Slow down. Stay 2-3 seconds behind the car in front of you. Even though traffic patterns have changed drastically, people are driving faster! There WILL be accidents.
  • Don’t text and drive.
  • Be very aware of your pinky toe! And remember…unless your pinky toe is going off in a wrong direction or the bone is sticking out of the skin…there’s not much you can do about it. Please don’t go to the ER. Not a good reason to be exposed to Covid-19. Not a good reason.


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