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Scooters Can Be Bad For Your Health

“Drivers can’t see them very well because of their low profile and small size.” 

You can’t drive on a downtown street in Austin, without seeing these cute little scooters speeding along the shoulder, or parked on the sidewalk. The injuries I see in the office are a stark reminder of the potential dangers of this increasingly popular means of transportation. So, of course…when they asked, I had something to  say:

Scooters Can Be Bad For Your Health!

  1. If you could make a list of all the perfect exercises avoiding the knees etc. I wonder what your list would be?

    If you could make a list of all the perfect exercises avoiding the knees etc. I wonder what your list would be?

    1. Barbara

      That’s an interesting question. And it’s one I get asked a lot, but don’t always have the perfect answer. A lot depends on whether or not you have any disability. Overall, my response would be that the perfect exercise for humans is to do what we are naturally built to do…walk…walk relatively slowly, and on a relatively flat surface. We evolved into hunter gatherers, and so that’s what we do best. When you veer away from that, you start to see more injuries. But when you walk improperly, you also see injuries, and even walking can be problematic for many people, such as those with arthritis in their weight bearing joints. Swimming is also good, especially if you do have arthritis in your knees, hips or ankles. But if you have shoulder problems, then you can start having pain there when you do the crawl or breast stroke. But then you can use a kick board and just kick around the pool. I also like cycling. So you can see, I prefer the low impact exercises in general. It wouldn’t be too harmful to participate in various dance programs, such as tap dancing, Zumba, etc. But many dance programs start making you do squats, as part of the “exercise.” It’s like it all comes down to burning calories and building the butt muscles. Ergo…the squat. Don’t be tempted.
      Hope that helps.

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