1. Brandy

    Dr. , I had my bursa removed in 2015. Hip scope in 2016. Since then quality of life has even been worse. I sit and bend over all day. I’m a nail tech. So the dr removed my bursa and cut a triangle piece of my it band out. I have suffered for years with back and hip pain. I switched all of my doctors per my pcp. I went to a back doctor and he suggested an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed gluteus medius tendinitis. So in Ohio they are doing exp. practice called PRP. I have had 2 in 1 year that part of my pain is totally gone. I’m still having pain deep in my joint. I cannot even walk through a store without pain and leg tiredness. I have had orthotics made. I have learned a lot since all of this started but I’m still a work in progress. Thoughts?

    1. Barbara

      Sorry you’re having so much pain. It’s rare for a patient to end up having a bursectomy. Most of my patients get better with my Sit Like A Man program along with the occasional cortisone injection. PRP is rarely needed as well. SLAM is also my treatment for gluteus tendinosis or partial gluteal tears. The same mechanism takes pressure off the iliotibial band and the gluteal tendon. You also MUST limit the activities which cause you pain. There is no choice in this. If walking causes you pain, you must decrease walking. I’m sorry, as I know this is frustrating. Since I can’t see you as a patient, then I can’t be more specific than this.

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