Texting and Driving


I think last month was Distracted Driving Awareness Month, better known as Texting and Driving Awareness Month. I submitted a blog entry to the Digital Parenting and Safety Blog regarding this issue, so I’m putting a link to it on my blog because I think it’s important. Texting and driving might statistically be getting  just about as deadly as drinking and driving. Many laws are getting passed in order to make this a crime, but I have yet to see much action on it. Unfortunately, in order for laws to work on most of us, someone has to go to jail. Hope it’s not anyone I care about. Let’s just say “NO” to texting and driving, just like we said “NO” to drinking and driving, “NO” to littering, and “YES” to seat belts. We just need to practice what we preach. Read on…and stop texting while driving!


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